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Did Michael Brown Steal Cigars — Or Pay For Them? – Will Grigg


The video mentioned in bold is available at the link.

If Michael Brown committed a felonious strong-arm robbery at a convenience store just minutes before he was shot, why didn’t anybody from the store call 911? The report was made by a customer following what appeared to be an altercation between the 6’4″ Brown and a much smaller store employee.

According to the store’s owner, police didn’t issue a subpoena for the store’s surveillance video until last Friday — the day it was provided to the media by police officials, along with the name of Officer Darren Wilson, who fatally shot Brown a few minutes after the incident at the store. Wilson was not aware of the alleged robbery, and he was not pursuing Brown as a suspect. The fatal encounter began when Wilson rebuked Brown and his friend, Dorian Johnson, for jaywalking.

An excerpt of the security video shot from a different angle shows the figure identified as Brown at a check-out counter paying for the cigars before the apparent confrontation with the store clerk.

It’s not clear why the clerk confronted Brown, and why the much larger 18-year-old shoved the clerk, if no robbery was involved. The initial police reportclaimed that an unnamed “patron” had contacted police to report a “stealing in progress.” In a subsequent police interview, the witness claimed that Brown had reached over the counter and grabbed several packages of Swisher Sweets cigars and tried to leave without paying them. In the video above Brown can be seen reaching across the counter — but it appears that money is left on the counter, and accepted by the clerk, before Brown calmly walks toward the exit.

According to the police report, the cigars — whether stolen or paid for — were not recovered. Despite the fact that Dorian Johnson, who witnessed the shooting, was identified in that report as a second suspect, he has not been charged.

If the cigars were paid for, Brown may have been a bully (at least on this occasion), but he wasn’t a thief. One possibility is that the altercation occurred because the clerk “carded” the 18-year-old,who was of legal age to buy tobacco products in Missouri.

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His original comment said “He was a thug who was caught doing some thug shit and paid the price” When I tell you how fast my fingers moved to write him this damn essay. Oh my god. 

Then of course "Why are you pulling the race card?" 

Then he told me “You’re not even black, your arab why do you care about their rights?”  

         I give a fuck because I’m Palestinian. I was raised in Brooklyn and since I can remember I was taught about how back in my parents home country our people were suffering. I spent years visiting  ”Israel” and every single time they take my luggage and my carry on’s and escort me to the plane as if Im on the No fly list. Then when I land I get 10 people questioning me, going through my emails making sure I don’t have “horrible motives” during my visit.

I know what it’s like to have your race oppressed. I know what its like to watch person after person die at the ends of authority and then no justice served. I know what its like for an entire race to be treated “less than” the average people. I know what its like to have your race ostracized and smear campaigns against them, tricking the public into hating them and then turning their hearts cold in order to have no sympathy for them. I know what its like to then have your country support the people who have blood on their hands after killing your people time and time again. And of course I know what its like to turn on the Tv waiting for them to tell the truth waiting for them to show the pain and suffering of your people and have them look you in the face and then spew lie after lie after lie. I know what its like begging for the people with the platform to speak on the issue, to spread some awareness only to have them zip shut or to stand for you then backtrack. I know what its like to have NO ONE stand for you but your community. I know what its like to have no voice in the media defending you but you and your people yelling to be heard in the streets. I get it. And I will continue to educate my self and to educate every single person around me.

Black Lives Matter. 

Free Palestine.

Stand Together.

Freedom and Justice from Gaza to Ferguson. 

I’m only 18 and Im more socially aware than ever. For a while I thought “god damn this world is turning to pieces. Where is the humanity?” But nope. The world did get worse, my eyes just got bigger.

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A lot of people really got it twisted man. 😒 #ferguson #protesting does not equal #looting

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Officer who shot Michael Brown suffered "orbital blowout fracture to the eye socket"


A vest camera would have certainly prevented a lot of havoc in Ferguson, but the more the physical evidence stacks up, the more the police officer who shot Michael Brown’s story is looking to be true.

from Gateway Pundit:

The Gateway Pundit can now confirm from two local St. Louis sources…

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the face of parenthood


the face of parenthood

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You know what actually this part really pissed me off. Not that people stood behind Harry but because Pansy is being vilified for that totally legitimate action: Voldemort, the terror of their time, the dark wizard of all dark wizards, is going to spare their lives if he’s given this ONE KID. These are all children, she wants her life, she wants her friends to live, she doesn’t want war and fighting and death. She thinks sacrificing that one life is better than causing the deaths of all these other people, including herself. And everyone acts like this is a shameful decision and she’s a horrible person for thinking it, well fuck that. 

And then ALL the Slytherins get locked up in the dungeon as if they’re going to turn traitor on them, completely negating any sense of unity and friendship that the stupid hat was singing about a couple books back. Fuck this scene and the judgey people and couldn’t someone have looked at Pansy sympathetically and said the fighting wouldn’t end with that one sacrifice or that Voldemort was too far gone and too evil to be bargaining with and that this was worth fighting for? Couldn’t they have been given any sympathy or understanding at all?


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u know when that one character u didn’t think would ever die dies

and it feels like a punch to the gut

after a smack to the face

after falling down several flights of stairs

Bobby Singer

Agent Coulson


Meg Masters

Finnick Odair



Robin Williams

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I can’t stop laughing at this.

I will never not reblog this.

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in case anyone was considering buying a shirt with that image, the man in the photo is requesting that people dont buy it 

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Odd Romeo and Juliet Tumblr Posts